SHAMFI Documentation

SHApelet Modelling For Interferometers

SHAMFI is designed to fit images out of radio-frequency interferometers using shapelet basis functions (Refregier 2013). It’s currently limited to fitting a FITS file, such as those output by WSClean. It can output models that work with the calibration and imaging software the RTS (Mitchell et al 2008) and the simulator WODEN, so that the image based fits can be used to generate visibilities.

The repo includes:

Script Overall Function Takes a FITS file, and fits a shapelet model Splits a FITS image into multiple images using gaussian masks Subtracts specified gaussians from an image to make fitting shapelets easier Combine multiple RTS/WODEN source catalogues into one Convert between RTS and WODEN source catalogue formats


Grab the source code from this git repo:

git clone

Then navigate into that directory and run

pip install .

or alternatively

python install


Check out the tutorial page for an example of how to run the scripts